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Twelfth Turkish Film Week in Berlin

March 18th, 2014

This week sees the kickoff of the Turkish Film Week in Berlin. The event, in its twelfth edition, will take place from May 20 and finish on May 29. In previous years, the event has been able to display the ever growing range and artistic talent prevalent in recent Turkish releases. One point which has continuously been praised in recent years has been the ability of Turkish film makers to surprise their audiences with creative and innovative dramatic concepts. Fittingly, the Turkish Cultural Ministry has also announced that domestic and international popularity and interest in Turkish films has continuously been on the rise. During the film week in Berlin, visitors will be able to watch pieces that cover topics relevant to Turkish society. The overall aim is to link short and long films to the current transition in Turkey which involves examining Turkey’s past, as well as covering differences between older and younger generations in Turkey today. This year’s festival includes almost 20 events in four locations in Berlin and Potsdam.