Travelling, Dreaming and Tasting Cultural Diplomacy

The Travelling Film Festival invites us to travel and taste different cultures and foods

December 03rd, 2019

The second edition of the Travelling Film Festival was organized by the Berlin Italian Communication in collaboration with the Armenia, Croatia, Serbia, Georgia, and Arab Emirates Embassies. This festival was hosted by IL KINO from November 26th to December 1st 2019.  

From November 26th to December 1st 2019, the Berlin Italian Communication presented the second edition of the Travelling Film Festival. This festival stimulates Berliners’ and international visitors’ curiosity for different countries by screening a film and serving traditional food from the country promoted. Every night is dedicated to a different country, and it aims to inspire visitors’ interests in new possible travel destination. This year, among the embassies collaborating in the realization of this festival, are Croatia, Georgia, Armenia, Serbia and Arab Emirates. In addition, Basilicata, the Italian region of Matera, also nominated as European capital of culture in 2019, participated in this event. These series of events were hosted by IL KINO, a cozy cinema in Berlin-Neukölln, chosen by the Berlin Italian Communication because of its size and vibrant cultural environment to convey a feeling of familiarity. All the films screened are blockbusters on an international level, and were selected by the Embassies and the Berlin Italian Communication’s team to make the audience think about different cultures and places.

The Travelling Film Festival is a new and ambitious initiative that merges film with food, the two major interests of Andrea d’Addio, the organizer and founder of this festival and Berlin Italian Communication. Mr. d’Addio collaborated with different embassies in Berlin to organize this event. More specifically, he chose to contact embassies representing countries that are less touristic than others. In fact, this festival also represents an opportunity to discover some countries with cultures and places still not well-known by the general public. This year, Croatia, Serbia, Georgia, Armenia and the Arab Emirates Embassies supported the event by providing the film screened and the food served during their national day. At the same time, the Berlin Italian Communication’s team was in charge of the organization of the festival, providing not only a suitable location, but also finding sponsors to finance this event. The Travelling Film Festival shows how many different embassies are active and willing to promote their culture and traditions to the German and international public in Berlin, and probably in other German cities in the future.


Marta Faraoni and Simone Venturini
News from Berlin