During the “Lithuanian Health Days”, the Lithuanian Embassy presents possibilities to go on a retreat to the East-Central European country

October 10th, 2022
Maria Asklund, News from Berlin

On the 12th of October, the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania has partnered with several cooperations in Lithuania and Germany to introduce wellness and spa opportunities in the East-Central European Baltic state to a wider audience.

The Republic of Lithuania’s representation in Berlin is this year organising the Lithuanian Health Days. The purpose of this event is to spread the word on Lithuanian wellness-, spa- and health-oriented institutions. On this occasion, the public is invited to learn about what spa towns, wellness- and medical programs the Baltic pearl has to offer. Some promising features of this event include informational lectures, music, food, and a tombola.

In fact, Lithuania is a country with a rich spa tradition. Having a beautiful scenery with an extraordinary countryside, good food and the beautiful city of Vilnius in its midst, Lithuania is the perfect place for tourists to have a calm get-away. By promoting this, the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania is catering to what more and more people in our hectic modern world really need: a breath of fresh air. And why not learn more about the Lithuanian culture while doing so?

Aiming at opening the discussion about Lithuanian wellness-culture with special features such as mud baths, Baltic water and a climate-perspective, this event is a generous introduction to curious visitors. Equally as important, there will be information on the Lithuanian state and its people for non-Lithuanians. In addition, visitors find out which spa towns one can visit and what the Baltic spa tradition encompasses. One important topic is the medical aspect of the spa experience and the healing features of this. In fact, Euromed will be present to inform on possibilities on so-called health trips to the East-Central European state.

At the event, numerous of partners from Lithuania are invited to present their spa and medical concepts. Likewise, German partners offering retreat programs and journeys will be present, facilitating the process for Germans to book their wellness trip abroad. Moreover, this event is oriented towards private citizens, bloggers, travel companies and everyone else that has an interest in health and prevention and could become an ambassador for Lithuanian wellness culture.

By providing the Embassy grounds for this cross-medical event, the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania is promoting tourism and supporting Lithuanian companies as well as teaching the public about an important aspect of their health culture.


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