Tonn Nua: Understanding the Irish Music Technique

Tonn Nua Festival in Berlin

May 10th, 2023
Charlotte Renaudat, News from Berlin
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On Europe Day, a group of visiting young Irish political representatives were invited by the embassy of Ireland in Berlin.

The festival was established in 2019 and has quickly become one of the most important events in the Irish music calendar. The festival showcases a wide range of traditional and folk music, including Irish traditional music, bluegrass, Americana, and more.

The festival is dedicated to promoting new and emerging talent in the Irish music scene, and has become a platform for many up-and-coming musicians to showcase their skills and connect with audiences from around the world.

The festival's main events are the concerts, which feature some of the best traditional and folk musicians from Ireland and around the world. The concerts are held in a variety of venues, from small intimate settings to larger concert halls, and feature a range of musical styles and genres.

In addition to the concerts, the festival also features a series of workshops and masterclasses. These events give attendees the opportunity to learn from some of the most talented musicians in the Irish music scene, and to develop their own skills and techniques.

The workshops and masterclasses cover a wide range of topics, from traditional Irish fiddle playing to songwriting and composition. These events are designed for musicians of all levels, from beginners to professionals, and provide a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business.

Tonn Nua is an important event in the Irish music scene for a number of reasons. First, it provides a platform for new and emerging talent to showcase their skills and connect with audiences from around the world. This helps to keep the traditional and folk music scene in Ireland vibrant and dynamic, and ensures that new talent is able to find its way to the forefront of the music scene.

Second, Tonn Nua is an important event for promoting Irish culture and heritage. Traditional and folk music are an essential part of Irish identity, and Tonn Nua helps to promote and celebrate this heritage by bringing together musicians from all over the world to share their talents and traditions.

The festival will take place at Ballhaus Berlin on the 5th and 6th of May 2023. The tickets are available on this link:


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