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Three Teenagers from Disadvantaged Neighborhoods have made it to NASA

The Regional Robert Bosch Foundation in Brazil Supports Young Local Talents

August 30th, 2018
Anna Dombek, News from Berlin
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To help urban transformation in Curitiba, one of the biggest Brazilian cities, Bosch has been supporting pupils from a disadvantaged neighborhood.

This year, three teenagers from ‘“Cidade Industrial de Curitiba” (CIC)” have made it to NASA!  The CIC is the largest and most populated district in the city of Curitiba. It was designed in the 1970s as so- called industrial quarter.

“The #WAAS project has changed my life completely” said Jennifer G. Jetka, one of the projects’ participants. Thanks to Robert Bosch Institute’s “We are all smart” (#WAAS) project, selected students have had access to a quality education at their local public school. With help of Robert Bosch Institute, Jennifer and the other #WAAS pupils (better known as “ninjas”) are able to learn more about innovative technologies such as. electronic systems, hardware, and software development.

In 2017, the three of them: Raul, Mateus, and Jennifer, created their first project called The Juno Radio. It was submitted to the Space Apps Challenge, which earned them a trip to NASA at the beginning of 2018. The ninjas focused on developing technical solutions to protect Brazilian forests from fires. The Juno Radio turns digital data from NASA satellites into an analog information, which can be transmitted to radio stations across the country. It’s a big help for NASA fire alarms as they are able to reach the areas without the Internet connection.


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