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Third German Film in Berlinale Competition

Andreas Dresen, a German film director, opened his new movie, ‘As We Were Dreaming’ today at the Berlinale Festival

February 09th, 2015
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The film premiered today at the Berlinale festival. It is the last of three German films vying for the coveted Golden Bear at this year’s festival. 

‘As We Were Dreaming’ is one of 19 movies in the race for best feature film.  The other two German films are ‘Elser’ and ‘Queen of the Desert’. Actor-turned director Sebastian Schipper directs the thriller ‘Elser’ and ‘Queen of the Desert’ is a romantic drama directed by legendary German filmmaker Werner Herzog. Both films have already premiered at the festival. 

‘As We Were Dreaming’ follows a group of boys of there experiences in the new reunified Germany. Yesterday's rules no longer count today. The boys run wild with their new freedom, experimenting with drugs and trying out new swingers clubs. They eventually open there own club, which unfortunately does not go as expected.  Everyone is overflowing with dreams. The film focuses on lost youth, rebellion and the dream of great happiness.

This is the third time that Andreas Dresen has been nominated for the Berlinale’s main competition. Dresen is a man of many talents and has also worked in opera and theatre.  Dresen was born in communist East Germany and many of his films centre on this theme. His films ‘Nightshapes’ and ‘Halbe Treppe’ were also nominated for the Berlinale Golden Bear in 1999 and 2002 respectively. ‘Halbe Treppe’ won the jury’s Grand Prix Prize in 2002. The film focuses on two marriages facing collapse and how this affects the couples involved. ‘As We Were Dreaming’ is Dresen’s 20th feature film in a career that spans back to 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell and communist East Germany imploded. 

Other German films by directors Oliver Hirschbiegel and Wim Wenders will also be premiered during the festival. The films are being shown out of competition, which rules them out for the top honours. Wim Wenders however, will be received the honourary Golden Bear this year to honour his lifetime achievement in the German film industry. Several of Wender’s films will be shown during the festival as part of an homage to his career in the industry.