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The Wagner Music Festival In Leipzig

In May, the famous composer Wagner will be celebrated in Leipzig for the 9th time.

May 11th, 2015

This year, Leipzig, the city where Wagner was born, is proudly hosting the Richard Wagner Festival for the 9th time. From May 22 to May 31, the festival will hold numerous events, connecting the city's history to the potential of the present and the future. Its focus will be on repertoire works, amongst which there will be a "Tannhäuser" as a scenic concerto, and a symposium. The program will also include exhibitions, concerts and presentations of Wagner's works.  

The world-famous composer was born in Leipzig in 1813. His influence has continued to help shape the city's musical character and international music scene ever since. He is one of the most influential composers of the High Romantic period and one of the greatest composers of all time. The city of Leipzig has been annually organizing this special event since 2006 at the Leipzig Opera.

It of course aims to promote Wagner's music, but also acts as a good platform of promoting Leipzig as a destination. Many tourists are expected to come and experience Leipzig’s music history by get a sense of its history and culture. As we see an increasing number of tourists in Leipzig every year, it’s probable that the festival will attract more tourists and more Germans than ever before.

In addition, this years festival will also be celebrating the city’s 1000 years of existence. Twenty-five years after the German Reunification, Leipzig counts among the most dynamic and attractive destinations in Europe. It is well known for its cultural attractions such as museums, theatres, music festivals and its unique atmosphere.

The Richard Wagner Festival will be an occasion for all to discover the gigantic works from one of the most famous composers of all time and a German city full of history. 


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