The Urban Development of Berlin After 1989

The story of the fall of the Berlin Wall presented at an International Art Scene: The Berlin Art Week

September 12th, 2019
Victoria Rochelois, News from Berlin
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The Berlin Art Week is a prestigious event, which gathers diverse art enthusiasts from all over the globe. It promotes artistic creation along with providing the opportunity to participate in discussions with collectors, gallery owners and the artists themselves.

The 11th of September marks the opening of the exhibition “1989-2019: Politics of Space in the New Berlin” at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein. It exhibited the architecture and urban development of Berlin throughout history and questioned how Berlin became what it is today.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Fall of The Berlin Wall. The end of the conflict between East and West was a major point in history, which had significant consequences for the urban development in Berlin, where the capitalist and the real-socialist world orders directly collided geographically. New political and cultural spaces were opened up and paved the way for the neo-liberalization of politics.

Projects that were created for the exhibition exemplify various urban policies and their consequences for today’s Berlin and upon the urban development of Berlin after 1989. There is not only one Berlin, but many myths and ideas of what Berlin is supposed to be. There will be four main events from this exhibition looking at the myth of the market, the myth of history, the myth of creativity and the staging of the urban element. Meanwhile, politicians, architects, urban theorists, artists and activists will be discussing the politics of space in the New Berlin.

Promoted during a week where German and international artists gather and share their creations, the exhibition “Politics of Space in the New Berlin” allows guests to receive a deeper understanding of Germany’s history, a central element in strengthening cultural diplomacy with the world.


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