The Thaipark in Berlin

Exploring the home-cooked Thai cuisine in a park

July 05th, 2019
Ino Kim, News from Berlin
20190705_The Thaipark in Berlin.jpg

An opportunity to explore Thai cultural events and food vendors in the Prussian Park in Berlin’s Wilmersdorf district.

Every weekend, the area around U Bahn Konstanzer Straße station in the West Berlin district Wilmersdorf is filled with the savoury Thai smells flowing from somewhere that you are highly likely to be attracted. Following the smell, you will find yourself in a tiny local park full of vendors selling gourmet Thai cuisine under colourful parasol and a large crowd in the grass enjoying the foods and sunlight.

This classic Prussian park which original name is ‘Preußen Park’ has now gained a new name of ‘Thai Park’ where an extraordinary Thai community flourish. The history of the market goes back to 20 years since when Thai community began to gather around the park during weekends to hang out, and local visitors asked them to share their home-cooked Thai food which eventually led to what it looks like now. Although Thai foods are the main option however, some of the vendors from other Asian countries including Chinese, Vietnamese and Laotians can also be found. These days, the park is not only the place for the local people but it has rather become one of the popular tourist destinations in West Berlin welcoming hundreds international visitors every weekend.

The address is Preußenpark (Thaipark) Brandenburgische Straße, 10707, Berlin and it opens from April to October every Friday to Sunday from 11:00 to 22:00.


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