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The Story of the Romanian Front Line

The Romanian Cultural Institute organizes events in Berlin to mark the centenary of the Great War”

August 10th, 2016
Diana Radu, News from Berlin

The Berlin culture program which runs from July until September, includes art exhibitions, music festivals and concerts.

On the 8th of July, at the Romanian Cultural Institute’s Berlin gallery, events dedicated to the commemoration of the centenary of the World War, will take place in addition to the opening of a photo exhibition entitled The Great War.

The historical dimension of Romanian’s entry into the First World War continues to draw attention from audiences worldwide, including Germany, one of the main protagonists of the great struggle. The exhibition is not only for the public at large, but also for those involved in the academic, military and scientific fields. Visitors will not only learn about the major moments of military operation and combat, but also the strategic alliances of the time.

The cameramen, masters of expressive images, their photos captured under fire and under the eye of the enemy, have no name and no face, even more anonymous than their subjects immortalized on the battlefield. They have chosen to put their lives in danger, in order to present to the world these moments, in order to produce great historical work and valuable documentation. In their own way, photographs and their subjects have contributed to the creation of Greater Romania.

These events give people the chance to put themselves in the soldier’s shoes and to imagine, how hard it is to be in the battlefield. It is a chance to connect with the people they lost on the front line and to transcend into another life.

The exposition can be visited until 16th of September, with the exception of August, from Tuesday to Friday.


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