The Spanish Constitution at 40

Spain celebrates the 40th anniversary of its constitution in Berlin

February 07th, 2019
Katerina Kolesnikova, News from Berlin
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On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution, a series of events will be dedicated to this special event and to the role Carta Magna played in shaping the way modern western constitutional government functions. The Instituto Cervantes in Berlin, with its various centers worldwide, will be in charge of a series of events and varied programs starting on Monday, 18 February, at 19:00.

The Instituto Cervantes was created by the Spanish government to popularize the Spanish language and to promote the cultural heritage of all Spanish-speaking countries known worldwide.  The Institute holds currently more than 70 houses in five continents. Other offices include in Bremen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich.  

The cultural exchange plays a key role within the missions of the Institute and for this reason the Institute Cervantes works closely with partners from Hispano-America as well and cultural centers in Spain.

“Both the creators and the readers of the constitution learned to deal with a new political and cultural consciousness, which was symbolically reflected in the text of 1978: Freedoms were real, the languages of the peninsula no longer extravagant exotics. Art was no longer subject to political dictates, and collective respect for creative work was presented by the weight of new institutions and the active commitment of the state. The shortcomings of those days are not the reasons for the conflicts of today, but their potential solution”- Jordi Garcia.

Two Spanish authors -Marta Sanz and Jordi García will guide the audience through a panel discussion.


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