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The Secrets of the Argentine Tension and Narrative Power

October 28th, 2014

News from Berlin - Berlin welcomes a workshop on literary writing from October 27 until November 19. This workshop titled “Tensión y Fuerza Narrativa” (in English “Tension and Narrative Power”) is directed by Samanta Schweblin and it is target to all the novel authors and people interested in the art of writing. The workshop is divided in 16 session and they will focus on the writing techniques.

Samanta Schweblin is Argentine writer. Her first book El núcleo del disturbio was awarded with the Prizes Fondo Nacional de las Artes and Concurso Nacional Haroldo Conti. Many other titles follow this first book. Pájaros en la boca was translated to eleven languages and publish in more than twenty countries. Schweblin gained several awards in Mexico, Italy, China and Germany. She is considered one of the most talented young writers in Spanish language. The Argentine writer has delivered lectures and workshops from Stockholm to Pekin and from Oaxaca (Mexico) to La Habana.

The workshop raises the question “What does made a simple story an unforgettable story?” In order to approach to this question, the workshop will take a personal perspective to practical problems and false myths of the narrative construction and a plethora of small big secrets.

People who have never written and people who have been writing for a while are both prospective participants. As Cortázar says “el cuento se gana por knock out” “the story is won by knock out”. Therefore, the techniques are based on speed, strength, deepness and resistance.

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