The Science meets the Polish Cuisine

The Polish Institute in Berlin to host the Long Night of the Sciences.

June 05th, 2019
Giulia Mohammad Abdellatif, News from Berlin
20190605_The Science meets the Polish Cuisine.jpg

On June 15th, as part of the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften more than 100 events will take place in Berlin starting from 5 pm until midnight.

Also the Polish Institute will open its doors for a unique experience among molecular gastronomy and dancing robots. Thanks to its interactivity, the event will be able to attract people of all ages, including children.

In a special way for them, various workshops are planned, such as the opportunity to prepare different delicacies of the molecular cuisine and to see singing and dancing robotic waiters to serve drinks to the visitors.

This initiative, organised by the Polish Ministry for Science and Higher Education and the Polish Embassy in Berlin, aims to show the impressive progress that Poland has achieved in the field of scientific research.

The tickets are available on the website ( and at all S-Bahn and BVG ticket machines. During the Long Night of the Sciences itself, the tickets can also be purchased at the participating institution.


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