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The Prosaic Story of a Non-Hero Unfolds in the “The Unsaved” - Premier at FSK Kino

March 26th, 2014

“New Romanian Films” presents the most recent creation of director Igor Cobileanski on March 27 at 18:00 followed by an open discussion with the creators of the screening and the Berlin public. The event will take place at FSK Kino at the Oranienplatz in Berlin.

Igor Cobileanski is a Moldovan director, previously known for his short films “When the lights go out” (2006) and “Sasa, Grisa si Ion” (2006). He made his debut with the humourous drama “The Unsaved”, which was filmed three years ago in Orhei, Moldova.

The movie unfolds the story of Viorel (Igor Babiac), a 25-year-old petty drug dealer from a small town destined for oblivion in the contemporary Republic of Moldova. Living at home with his mother, spending his free time with his drug-dealer best friend with a passion for gliding and falling in love with his hairdresser, the hero finds himself trapped in his own world. This resilient lifestyle determines a set of events that trigger an inner need for change. The relentless attempts for self-improvement and the deceptions that follow failure contour the drama of a figure that struggles to free itself from the constraints of every-day life.

The movie was selected for multiple awards at festivals such as the ones in Karlovy Vary, Warsaw, Kiev and Cottbus as well as having thirteen nominations for the 2014 GOPO Awards.  It is the winner of the FIPRESCI International Critics Award 2013 and the Debut GOPO Award 2014.

For more information, click here. (website in German)

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