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The Project Asha in the Indian village of Amle

Siemens' project has brought fundamental change to the living conditions of a local community

September 10th, 2018
Anna Dombek, News from Berlin

Corporate citizenship has been an integral part of many German companies for a long time. Siemens is no exception to the CSR activity. The company contributes to the sustainable development of the regions, in which it operates. The Project Asha in Amle, India is one of many examples.

Amle is a small village in Mokhada, located in West India. The population of the hamlet is over 380 tribals. It is plagued with problems such as illiteracy, school dropout, and inadequate diet. 'Asha,' which means hope in Hindi, is a project that aims to increase community development and enhance the living conditions in rural areas. People from Amle as most of the Indian villagers, live without basic necessities such as electricity, clean drinking water or basic health care. The project integrates innovative technologies such as water and renewable energy solutions, AC drives, and community development initiatives. Locals are being trained in how to run these facilities, as well as being taught how to farm all year round so that there's no need to leave the village looking for jobs. It has helped to reduce migration leading to an increase in income.


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