The Philippine Embassy In Berlin's Role In Empowering Migrant Women

The Philippine Embassy in Berlin Promotes The Intersectionality of Migration and Gender Through Art

May 19th, 2023
Daniela Desantis, News from Berlin
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The exhibition "Para kay Juana: Mga Kwento at Larawang Migrante sa Alemanya", which means “For Juana: Migrant Stories and Images in Germany” was recently held at the Philippine Embassy in Berlin. Krisanta Caguioa-Mönnich's, a Filipina social worker who specializes in situations of human trafficking and abuse against women, paintings were on display. The artworks reflected female migrants' experiences in Germany, emphasizing the intersections of migration and gender. The event was significant for Ambassador-designate Irene Susan B. Natividad, who met with members of the Filipino community for her first public appearance.

On March 18, 2022, the Philippine Embassy in Berlin hosted the exhibition "Para kay Juana: Mga Kwento at Larawang Migrante sa Alemanya." This exhibition aims to draw awareness on the experiences and journeys of female migrants in Germany. Krisanta Caguioa-Mönnich, a Filipina social worker well-known for her work combating human trafficking and abuse against women, displayed her paintings that powerfully depicted the lives and challenges of migrant women.

During the exhibition's opening, Ambassador-designate Irene Susan B. Natividad addressed the Filipino community, emphasizing the importance of the pictures in reminding us of migrant women's fortitude and courage. She highlighted that these women are not helpless victims, but rather individuals who can shape their own fates. The participation and support of Ambassador Natividad emphasized the Embassy's commitment to empowering migrant women and advocating for their rights.

To give a more intimate and engaging experience, the program included the notion of a "human library." The speakers, who included three women called Jona, Yoly, and Maria who were subjects of Caguioa-Mönnich's paintings, acted as "books" that the audience might "borrow." Attendees were able to connect with the ladies, learn from their experiences, and obtain a better understanding of the hurdles they encountered and the victories they accomplished.

The show, which ran until March 31, was presented by the Philippine Embassy in Germany, which is situated at Luisenstrasse 16, 10117 Berlin. The Philippine Embassy's project not only highlights Krisanta Caguioa-Mönnich's creative skill, but also acts as a platform to raise awareness about the challenges encountered by migratory women. The Embassy played an important role in creating discourse, promoting inclusion, and empowering migrant women in Berlin and beyond by bringing together art, storytelling, and community participation.

Finally, the Philippine Embassy in Berlin actively promotes the interconnectedness of migration and gender through art exhibitions and community engagement activities. By providing migrant women's experiences a voice and supporting their empowerment, the Embassy acts as a change agent, stimulating conversation, understanding, and support for Germany's migrant population.


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