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The Palestinian Mission


Address: Rheinbabenallee 8 12207 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 20 61 77 0

Fax: +49 30 20 61 77 10

Email: info@palaestina.org


The Ambassador

Amb. Khouloud Daibes

Amb. Khouloud Daibes holds a PhD in Architecture from the University of Hannover in Germany specialising in the conservation strategies of the cultural and historical architectural heritage of Palestine.

Amb. Daibes is a Palestinian architect, who nowadays represents Palestine at the Palestinian Mission of Berlin. She has been a diplomat and a politician since the 1st of July of 2013, when she was assigned as representative of the mission by the President Mahmoud Abbad.

In 1995, she returned to Palestine and became the Director of the Centre for Preserving Cultural Heritage in Bethlehem. After that, she worked as a lecturer in the Tourism Masters Program at Bethlehem University. During her 15 years in this position, she was involved with many Palestinian and international organizations dealing with cultural heritage and tourism in the Palestinian Territories.

Before being assigned as representative of the German mission, Amb. Khouloud Daibes was the Minister of Tourism in the Palestinian National Unity Government of March 2007 and successive Palestinian Authority emergency governments until 2012. In addition, from 2007 to 2009 she was also the Minister of Women's Affairs in Palestine.



The Palestinian mission office in Berlin is one of 96 Palestinian diplomatic and consular representations abroad. Until 1990, Palestinian citizens who were living in Berlin were represented by the Embassy of Palestine, situated in East Berlin in the GDR.

On the first of January 2012, the federal government recognised the Palestinian mission as the official General Delegation of Palestine in Germany. The Palestinian mission is composed by the previously mentioned representative Khouloud Daibes, the counsellor Abdelhadi Abusharekh, the first secretary Mohyeddin Jaber, the second secretary Maisa Rizeq and the advisor for Policy and Communications, Sara Husseini.

Today the Palestinian mission depends on the President of the State of Palestine, the Palestinian National Authority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It does not have the status of an embassy in Germany, however it has assumed all the functions and duties of an official embassy. The duties of the mission include representing the Palestinian interests in the Federal Republic, as well as maintenance and expansion of bilateral relations.