The Nordic Embassies Launch a Panel Discussion about Equal Cycling in Berlin

Danish and German experts talk about Visions of women for sustainable mobility

March 05th, 2019
Martta Tenhu, News from Berlin
20190305_The Nordic Embassies Launch.jpg

How can traffic-planners, politicians and architects bring new visions to male-dominated mobility thinking and cycling culture? These are the ongoing questions of the Nordic Embassies.

The Felleshus – or pan-nordic building of the five embassies (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) is a cultural centre and an event venue. It has various exhibitions and readings, concerts, film screenings, lectures and conferences. On 28th of March the Felleshus will launch an event about sustainable mobility for all. It is inspired by Danish mobility thinking in Copenhagen.

For decades, Berlin was systematically rebuilt for individualized car traffic - and it was mainly men who were responsible for it. The discussion speaks out that it is high time for a gender-sensitive traffic that covers the needs of all.

In a panel discussion together with experts and the public visions for a city that is more like Copenhagen, in which all people can be equally mobile. It will also be discussed how more senior positions in transport planning and policy can be filled by women.


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