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The Light Of Day - Magma Works

March 18th, 2014

On March 13, the Icelandic art collector and artist Petur Arason opened a new art gallery in the Levetzowstraße in Berlin. His main point of interest is Icelandic and international art based on the minimalistic and the conceptual. Safn (icelandic for ‘collection’) is the name of his private collection, which he exhibits at his own gallery in Reykjavik. In 2014 he founded Safn Berlin, a platform for international and Icelandic artists, that aims to make his collection more accessible to the public. In total, Safn contains no less than 1200 pieces.

The Light of Day - Magma Works is the first exposition Arason organised at his art gallery. It displays works of Lawrence Weiner and Ragna Robertsdottir. Weiner is a conceptual artist who likes to dematerialise objects drastically and to reduce them to mere concepts. His works are often related to language and are displayed as descriptive, typographic texts. His compositions describe certain situations or processes in a poetic way that seek to stimulate the viewer’s imagination. Robertsdottir is one of the most famous Icelandic contemporary artists. Landscapes are what she focuses on most, and she does so in a very minimalistic and conceptual way. She uses natural materials such as rocks and sand collected from Iceland’s volcanic landscapes as well as synthetic materials like glass and plastic.

Contemporary art enthusiasts owe it to themselves to visit Arason’s newly opened gallery. The exhibition can be visited on Fridays and Saturdays from 13.00 until 17.00. For more information visit www.safn.is.