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The Kenyan Embassy and its Diaspora met in Frankfurt

The Embassy of Kenya in Germany hosted its Diaspora to discuss the development of new partnerships

June 13th, 2017
The Embassy of Kenya in Germany hosted its Diaspora to discuss the development of new partnerships, News from Berlin

A forum was organized on Saturday, 3 June 2017, in Frankfurt am Main, by the Embassy of Kenya in Berlin as part of its Diaspora Outreach-Program.

This “Kenyan Diaspora Day” consists of an annual meeting where all Kenyans living in Berlin are invited to celebrate 50 years of their country´s independence. This year´s theme was “Forging Partnership with Kenya Diaspora”. The event was moderated by H.E. Ambassador Joseph Magutt and it was attended by senior officials from the Kenya Private Sector Alliance, the Department of Immigration, the Nairobi Securities Exchange and the Kenya Revenue Authority.

This meeting contributed to creating interactions between the government, the private sector and the Diaspora. The discussions aimed at briefing the Diaspora on various developments in Kenya and supporting them to invest in the country. The speakers addressed different issues, including entrepreneurship, integration, consular issues and student affairs.

According to official figures, about 14,000 Kenyans are currently live in Germany. This annual meeting gives them the opportunity to be aware of the transformation of the Kenyan society and its interactions with Germany as well. Furthermore, it served as a platform for networking and collaboration. It was animated by various fashion shows, singing, dancing, poetry and prayers in order to promote and share the culture of Kenya in Germany.


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