The Exhibition and Lecture “Holunderblüten/ Elderflowers” to be held in Berlin

The event is organized in recognition of authors Schubin, Holzer and Hanel in Cooperation with the Czech Embassy

June 19th, 2024
Anita Marsiglia, News from Berlin
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On 22 June, 2024, the Mendelssohn-Remise in Berlin will host the event of the German Cultural Forum for Eastern Europe Potsdam, in cooperation with the Selma Stern Centre for Jewish Studies Berlin-Brandenburg and the Moses Mendelssohn Centre Potsdam, with the support of the Czech Embassy in Berlin and the Czech Centre Berlin.

The Ambassador of Ireland Award has been presented since 2020 to an individual in recognition of their work in promoting Ireland in Germany or for having made a sustained and outstanding impact on German-Irish relations or the Irish community in Germany.

Presenting the award to Elmar Conrads-Hassel at the Embassy’s Annual Bloomsday Reception, Ambassador O’Brien remarked: “I am delighted to honour Elmar Conrads-Hassel and his commitment to German-Irish relations over many decades with the 2024 Ambassador of Ireland Award.”

The Ambassador also observed: “Thirty-six years ago, Elmar founded the German-Irish Lawyers’ and Business Association (GILBA). As President of the Association for thirty years and, since 2018, as its first and only elected Honorary President, he has facilitated the creation of an invaluable network of Irish and German legal and business professionals, and made a lasting impact on German-Irish relations”.

“I am extremely grateful to Elmar Conrads-Hassel for the distinguished impact he has had and continues to have on German-Irish relations and I am glad to have this opportunity to personally thank him for his decades of dedication, diligence and enthusiasm”, concluded the Ambassador.


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