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The Embassy of Vietnam in Berlin


Adress : Elsenstraße 3, 12435 Berlin, Germany

Tel.: (030) 53630108

Fax : (030) 53630200

E-mail : sqvnberlin@t-online.de


The Ambassador

Amb. Doan Xuan Hung


Amb. Doan Xuan Hung, is the Ambassador of the Social Republic of Vietnam to Germany.

Amb. Doan Xuan Hung studied and graduated from the Academy of economic cybernetics in the Soviet Union in 1980. He also completed his postgraduate studies in economic growth in the UK and at Harvard University (USA).

Amb. Doan Xuan Hung has a 35 year long diplomatic career behind him as he has held many important positions in the State Department, as well as Vietnamese missions abroad. Amb. Doan Xuan Hung entered the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Vietnam in 1980 and began his career working in the Vietnamese Embassy in the Soviet Union. In July 2008, Amb. Doan Xuan Hung was appointed as Deputy Minister and he was responsible for relations between Vietnam and the Middle East and Africa.



The Social Republic of Vietnam and Germany maintain good bilateral relations. In October 2011, a strategic partnership was established between the two countries and signed by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Vietnamese Prime Minister Dung.

This partnership aims to strengthen the political, economic, cultural and developmental relations between the two countries. Germany also supports the reform of the Vietnamese legal system thanks to the so-called German-Vietnamese Law Dialogue.

Both countries are also involved in a solid cooperation process in the fields of education, energy and environment.