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The Embassy of Pakistan


Address: Schaperstrasse 29, 10719 Berlin

Tel.: 0049-30-21 24 40

E-mail: parepberlin@mofa.gov.pk, 



The Ambassador

Amb. Dr Mohammad Faisal


Accreditation date:

Date of Birth | 1971
Personal Status | married with three children

Education: MBBS; M.Sc.; LLM. Warwick, UK; Master of Economics, Law (ULB) Brussels, Belgium

Languages: n/a

Professional career:
Dr.Faisal Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan in 1995 and was a specialist official at United Nations for two periods, 1997 & 2000-2001.from1998 to 2000 he got a Diplomatic post in Darussalam, Tanzania. He became Deputy Head of Unit (UNSC & Human Rights) from 2002 to 2004. finishing his post at UNSC he went to Belgium for a diplomatic post in Brussels till 2007 and he continue the same title till 2010 in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia from 2010 till 2012 he was the head of in the United Nation.Faisal became the deputy head of protocol for the year 2013. for two years he was Head of Division at the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. For the next five years, he moved on to become Head of Department (South Asia & SAARC).IN 2017 he became the foreign policy spokesman, and since 2020 he is Ambassador to Germany.



Germany is keen to see stable and democratic development in Pakistan and for Germany to play a constructive role in the region. To mitigate the effects of the flood disaster in Pakistan in late summer 2014, the Federal Government has made available a total of more than EUR 6 million, bringing the total volume of federal budget funding for humanitarian aid projects in Pakistan to nearly EUR 12 million. The relief measures are implemented by German non-governmental organisations and international organisations such as the United Nations Refugee Agency and the World Food Programme.

In the 2014 calendar year, Germany’s bilateral trade with Pakistan stood at EUR 2.07 billion. German exports to Pakistan were worth EUR 806.2 million and German imports from Pakistan EUR 1.27 billion. Pakistan’s principal exports to Germany are textiles, leather goods, medical instruments, Basmati rice and jewellery. Pakistan’s main imports from Germany are chemical products, machinery, electrical goods, motor vehicles and iron goods. With its Technical and Financial Cooperation measures, Germany is supporting the Pakistani government’s key reform projects, such as the Fiscal Pact and the National Energy Policy, as well as the implementation of Pakistan’s obligations to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In addition, Germany provides assistance to both Afghan refugees in Pakistan and internally displaced Pakistanis who were forced to leave their homes temporarily as a result of the Pakistani army’s military offensives against the insurgency.

The geographical focus of German development cooperation with Pakistan is in the north and west of the country (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, FATA), with individual measures also being implemented in Baluchistan, Punjab, Gilgit Baltistan and AJK (Azad Jammu and Kashmir). Pakistan is one of the first of Germany’s partner countries to benefit from innovative development funding instruments. Well-established and effective academic and scientific exchange has for many years featured prominently in cultural relations between Germany and Pakistan.