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The Embassy of Latvia in Berlin


Address: Reinerzstrasse 40-41, 14193 Berlin, Germany

Tel.:+49 30 82 60 02 22
Fax: +49 30 82 60 02 33

Email: embassy.germany@mfa.gov.lv


The Ambassador

Amb. Inga Skujiņa


Inga Skujiņa was born on the 22. 05. 1971. She made a Master`s degree in Architecture at the Riga Technical University, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning from 1989 to 1994. Then she studied International Relations at the University of Latvia; Institute of International Relations, Stockholm, Sweden. Then from 1993 to 1995 she was a aeporter and translator for the national daily newspaper `Diena`. From 1995 to 1997 she was at the head of the Department of International Organizations / Department of Security Policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 1997-2000: Second Secretary to the Latvian delegation of OSCE in Vienna, Austria. 2000-2001: Deputy Head of the Department of Security Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 2001-2003 Head of the NATO Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is the Ambassador of Latvia since the 29th of August 2017. She speaks English, French, German and Russian.



Germany established diplomatic relations with Latvia in 1991, soon after the country regained its independence on 21 August 1991. Bilateral relations are close and friendly. Germany has supported Latvia on its way to joining the European Union and establishing Euro-Atlantic ties and has helped the country to reform its economy, administration and judiciary.

Bilateral agreements have been established on subjects like that of the protection and promotion of investments (April 1993), air, sea and road transport (April 1993) and double taxation (February 1997).

In the past, a number of German-Latvian projects have helped integrate Latvian partners into European consulting networks. Employees’ and employers’ organisations have supported their Latvian partners with advisory services (employers’ association), seminars and further-training measures (trade unions). The most committed partners in Germany include the Diakonisches Werk of the Evangelical Church in Germany, the German Red Cross, the Workers’ Samaritan Federation and the Order of St John. Germany is a priority partner of Latvia in vocational training and a German expert on the dual vocational training model is active in Riga.