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The Embassy of Ecuador in Berlin


Address: Joachimsthaler Str. 12, 10. OG.; D-10719 Berlin

Tel.: +49 (0)30 800 96 95

E-Mail: info@ecuadorembassy.de

The Ambassador

Amb. Morejon Pazmiño Diego Fernando



Ecuador-Germany political relations go back a long way. The main issues addressed during recent bilateral visits, in both directions were based on economic topics, development cooperation, environmental policy and drug control. There have been regular high-level visits from both sides.

Besides the frequent high-level visits, the political bond between these countries is also strengthening  due to the fact that there are German political foundations with offices in Ecuador, like, for example, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Hanns Seidel Foundation and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

At an economic level, Germany is one of Ecuador’s principal trading partners in the EU, as well as the most important exporter of goods to Ecuador.

Concerning developing cooperation with Ecuador, Germany is one of the biggest bilateral donors. The last meeting held on this topic happened in Quito in November 2014, and focused on environment protection, natural resources protection, public administration, and economic reforms. From September 2015, projects to protect the environment and conserve natural resources in the Amazon region have started.

When it comes to cultural exchange, the main intermediaries between Germany and Ecuador are the Humboldt Society/Goethe Centre in Quito, the German-Ecuadorian Cultural Centre in Guayaquil, the German Schools in Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca and, since 2008, two partner schools in the Quito metropolitan area. Also, there is a German cultural association called “Red Cultural Alemana”, which works together with the German Embassy, organizing a wide-ranging cultural programme, as well as coordinating all German institutions engaged in the cultural sector in Ecuador. There are also some exchange programmes promoted to Ecuadorean university students, to have the option to study in Germany.