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The Embassy of Bulgaria in Berlin


Address:Mauerstrasse 11, Berlin, D-10117

Tel.: +49 (0) 30201 0922
Fax: +49 (0) 30 208 6838

Email: info@botschaft-bulgarien.de

The Ambassador

Amb. Elena Shekerletova


Elena Shekerletova was born in 1964 in Pasardzhik, Bulgaria, is married with one child and is currently serving the Republic of Bulgaria as Ambassador to Germany.

Shekerletova studied law at the University of Sofia St. Klement Ohridski. Afterwards Shekerletova came to Germany and completed a degree in Constitutional and Human rights at the Max Planck Institut in Heidelberg and Eurošische Akademie in Berlin. Shekerletova returned to Bulgaria after her studies and worked within the Department for European States within the Foreign Ministry of Bulgaria. Shekerletova later worked within the Embassies of Germany and Austria in various positions before becoming the Ambassador of Bulgaria to Austria in 2012. She is currently the Ambassador of Bulgaria to Germany.

Shekerletova speaks Bulgarian, German, English, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese.



The historical relationship between these two countries mostly centers around their military history together. In World War I, the Kingdom of Bulgaria fought alongside the German Empire, as a member of the Central Powers. In 1915, there was a Bulgaria-Germany treaty that both countries signed. Then in 1941, Bulgaria signed the Tripartite Pact, becoming an ally to the Axis Powers and the Nazi Party. During the Cold War, both Republics were members of the Warsaw Pact alliance, until the Reunification of Germany, in 1990.

Nowadays, in addition to Bulgaria's Embassy in Berlin, Bulgaria has 6 other representations in Germany. These representations include consulates in Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Koblenz, Magdeburg, Munich, and Stuttgart. The Bulgarian embassy is one of 835 foreign representations in Germany, and one of 167 foreign representations in Berlin.

The Bulgarian government views Germany as its key strategic partner in the EU. The aim of the Bulgarian government is to continue the implementation measures connected with the country's EU accession.