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The Display of Russian Theater in Berlin

Supporting and Presenting Russian-Speaking Theater Groups Abroad

June 27th, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin
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From the 8th to the 12th of June the Russian house of science and culture in Berlin (Russisches Haus der Wissenschaft und Kultur in Berlin) hosted the international festival “World of Russian theater”, in which Russian-speaking theater groups from all over the world have participated.

“World of Russian Theater” is an independent socio-cultural project of the Russian magazine "Theatral". Its main goal is to gain popularity for the Russian theater art and to gain support for Russian theater groups performing abroad, which was especially emphasized in the welcome letter to the festival participants written by the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation V.R. Medinsky.

The festival took place for the second time. During the five days both professional and amateur theater groups from Germany, Great Britain, Israel, USA, Denmark and Switzerland had a chance to perform their best plays to the audience. Within the framework of the festival, master classes of theater critics and directors, as well as meetings devoted to the discussion of the performances were held in the Russian House.

The aim of the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin is to share achievements of Russian culture and science with all citizens of Germany, to inform people about politics and life in Russia, to preserve and to develop the national and cultural identity of Russian compatriots living in Germany. To achieve this goal all kinds of events such as festivals, discussions, exhibitions, and presentations are being organized in the Russian house.


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