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Composersí Orchestra Berlin

The Composersí Orchestra Berlin is holding their monthly concert on Sunday December 7th, 2014 to promote and display their love for free-range music.

December 04th, 2014
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Hazel Leach, an award-winning composer and conductor from Britain, founded the Composersí Orchestra Berlin (COB) in 2010. Members of the orchestra are not only improvising instrumentalists, but they are also composers. Each instrumentalist can compose and play their own style within the orchestra.

The orchestra has a large number of instrumentalists and contains strings, horns and a rhythm section. The concert does not follow a fixed line-up. Instead the orchestra members select whatever instruments they want and proceed to develop a new and innovative orchestral repertoire. The point of the orchestra is to play music in a way that has no exclusion zones. The stylistic influences of the orchestra ranges from classic to jazz and from folk to completely free-range.

Members of the orchestra come from all over the world. From Germany, Spain, Israel and the United States of America just to name a few. The COB has also garnered international recognition this year with the release of two albums: Spazieren in Berlin and Free-Range Music.

Spazieren in Berlin was an album inspired by the texts of German author Franz Hessel. Hesselís book attempts to develop pictures of Berlin through words and COB has undertaken this task as well Ė except through music. COB composers wrote music in attempt to capture the rhythm of Berlin, both past and present. Similarly, Free-Range Music, COBís second album, displays the broad and inspiring diversity of uniquely personal musical styles that have developed from the composerís Berlin surroundings.

Tourists will be flocking to COBís concert on Sunday given it provides such a great opportunity for tourists to experience a different side to the Berlin music scene. The concert is shaping up to be an event not to be missed!

So for a musical impression of the city of Berlin check out the COB concert on December 7th. 2014 at the Kunstfabrik Schlot in Berlin Mitte. The concert starts at 9pm.

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