The British German Forum: Fostering Collaboration and Addressing Contemporary Challenges

Building Bridges and Forging Bonds

April 28th, 2023
Sara Loria, News from Berlin
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The British German Forum, an annual event inaugurated by the illustrious Chancellor Kohl and the esteemed Margaret Thatcher in the year of our Lord 1985, has become a veritable hotbed of intellectual ferment and networking prowess for its participants. With its dynamic space, participants can mingle among their peers and glean invaluable insights and inspirations from seasoned professionals. The forum, through engaging dialogues, seeks to foster increased shared understanding and the forging of robust relationships between the luminaries of Britain and Germany. The forum is supported by the British embassy in Berlin.

Following a series of successful events in Spring in London and Berlin for the distinguished alumni, a new cohort shall converge at the august Wiston House in the month of July. The upcoming 2023 edition of the British German Forum promises to deliberate upon the manifold opportunities for future collaboration in the domains of contemporary challenges, including:

  • Future security challenges: In light of the German National Security Strategy and the UK's Integrated Review refresh, the forum shall seek to tackle the exigent question of how best to address the imminent security threats in the coming decade.
  • Energy security: The forum shall endeavor to strike a delicate balance between the exigencies of short-term and long-term energy security policies, which are of paramount importance in this day and age.
  • Information challenges: The forum shall engage in an erudite discussion on the challenges and opportunities associated with managing information in the realms of politics and competition.


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