The Berlin Musikfest, A Space For Cultural Exchange

Three weeks of international talented musicians coming together in Berlin

September 10th, 2019
Victoria Rochelois, News from Berlin
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The Berlin Musikfest is a yearly international orchestra festival. Formed under the artistic direction of Winrich Hopp since 2006, it is a forum for innovative artistic work of large orchestras and ensembles within classical and modern music.

Aside from opera, theatre and cinema, orchestra is one of the largest, most complex and heterogeneous “machines” that western culture has produced to express ideas and feelings. It can communicate in ways words can´t a deeper, more open understanding of culture.

The thematic focus for the festival varies from year to year, however it is important for Mr. Hoffman to set a flexible theme. He doesn’t want to demand anything from them, rather he wants to “allow the orchestras to present themselves how they are, giving us a true expression of their sound”.

Important international orchestras- instrumental and vocal ensembles, present together with the big symphony orchestras in Berlin an ambitious festival program dedicated to “meaningful, rare, forgotten, unusual and new stories and pieces” from today.

Happening in the late summer, and lasting for around 3 weeks, this event marks the beginning of the Berlin concert season. With an international aim, The Berlin Musikfest invites both Berlin based and European orchestras to play, and as a form of soft power, acts as strengthening their cultural ties. It is a great time to experience a diverse set of talented European musicians.


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