The AFEKT Festival in Berlin Welcomes Estonian Composers

Strengthening intercultural relations with Estonia through music

September 16th, 2019
Victoria Rochelois, News from Berlin
20190916_The AFEKT Festival in Berlin.jpg

AFEKT has become a leading forum for new music and has been taking place in Estonia since 2001. For the first time in March 2019, AFEKT presented itself in Berlin and will now be having on a second performance this autumn.

The international music festival AFEKT is dedicated to contemporary music and aims to enrich the the Estonian musical culture through contemporary works and performances. Managed by Monika Mattiesen, the festival invites international ensembles, musicians, conductors and composers to present what contemporary music has to offer the world. This year’s festival will be presenting composers: Rebecca Saunders, Helena Tulve, Mark Barden, Arash Yazdani, Elis Hallik and Liisa Hirsch. The ensemble plays under the direction of Enno Poppe and AFEKT soloists.

The concert is complemented by a conversation with the composers, conducted by the festival's director, Monika Mattiesen. Through their programe you have the opportunity to  learn about what is happening internationally on the contemporary music scene with the participation of Estonian musicians and composers.


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