The 60th Anniversary of the Hamburg- Marseille Twinning

If you missed the oldest Franco German friendship celebration this is the time to catch up.

January 08th, 2019
Gratadour-Cerruti Chloé, News from Berlin

Since the 11th of July 1958, Marseille and Hamburg share a part of their culture together. They program activities in an effort to mutually discover the culture of each other and to strengthen the links between. This friendship should be celebrated because it is one of the oldest City twinning and dates back to before the traité of l’Elysée at 1963, which is the official starting point of German and French friendship. The two cities do not have the same size and their geographical and economic situations are quick different, however they are collaborating in the fields of culture, economy, tourism, formation and youth projects.d.

In 2008, they decided to strengthen their relations with a new European agreement. They organize a major urban and cultural project, called “Euroméditerranée” (in french) for Marseille” and “Hafencity (in German) for Hambuurg. It’s the primary project within the framework of their friendship. This program proposed to compare the strategies of arrangement in the city and to create some infrastructure projects, such as 2 ports.

In 2018 for the 60 anniversary, 2 high profile events were held. The first is the 13th and 14th of July, in honor of the French National Day, when an official delegation from Hamburg was invited to Marseille. This official visit included economic meeting and visits to cultural sites in Marseille. The second major event was on the 28 of September, when an official delegation from Marseille came to Hamburg with the mail goals of promoting the Marseille Provence areas of excellence, attract new investors and talent, and support the internationalization of the territory’s businesses.

Throughout the entire year of 2018, different activities were organized in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary old Franco-German friendship.


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