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The 4th “Lange Nacht der Familie”: 152 Exciting and Uncommon Events for Kids and Their Families

May 21st, 2014
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News from Berlin -  Every year, a night in May is dedicated to children and their families. On May 24th, the 4th “Long Family Night” will take place in Berlin, and anyone who used to think that long nights were something reserved to adults might change their minds. Thanks to the Berlin Alliance for Family, with the help of more than one-hundred and fifty supporters and forty partners, children and teenagers will be able to discover the city and the surrounding areas from a different point of view. The 152 events will take place between 5pm and midnight, and will include various activities, such as “Nocturnal Walks” through the woods with supper, encounters with ghosts and monsters, evening tours of parks, churches and museums, workshops in university laboratories, technical and artistic inventor workshops, collaborative musical experiences and discovery trips on lakes and rails. Under the auspices of Sandra Scheeres, Senator for Education, Youth and Science, this remarkable event will offer an impressive presentation of the family-friendly side of Berlin, and show that the city has a lot to offer to children and their parents. Night is something exciting for kids, and this event will be a unique opportunity for their parents to reconcile work and family life.

For more information, see the following website : http://www.familiennacht.de/

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