Tag der Klub Kultur

During the pandemic year 2020, the "Day of Club Culture" was established to emphasise the variety and significance of Berlin's club culture

October 05th, 2022
Constantinos Georgiou, News from Berlin
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The event gives clubs in Berlin a chance to showcase themselves to the general public in a variety of ways. For the first time, the "Day of Club Culture" will be held over several days in 2022.

2022 Tag der Club Kultur: The dance events, concerts, readings, discussions, exhibitions, and installations that make up Tag der Clubkultur's annual program all place a special emphasis on local artists. "Growing Roots - Shaping Spaces" is the year's motto. Towards the event, additional information regarding the program and participating clubs will be provided. Berlin's club culture has deep roots that can be traced back to its unstoppable creativity and resilience. Its roots extend far back into history and beyond the boundaries of the city.


Despite all of the obstacles, they are everywhere: on rooftops, in parks, on streets, on outside skirts, and in the city centre. They are a part of an identity that always formed in the face of conventions, norms, and conflicts.

This year, the special dedication of Berlin's club culture will be honoured once more with CLUB CULTURE DAY. In this context, 40 clubs and collectives will each receive 10,000 euros. The DAY OF CLUB CULTURE will now take place over the course of a whole week for the first time. Up until October 9th, the award-winning collectives and clubs will showcase the breadth and variety of their club culture at at least forty events. In order to bring attention to the variety and significance of Berlin's club culture, CLUB CULTURE DAY was established in 2020. It has become an important part of Berlin's cultural landscape on the initiative of the Club Commission, the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, and Musicboard Berlin. It will continue to be so in the coming years.


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