Symphonic Harmony - Young Maestros in Berlin

Singaporean Ambassador to Berlin Lee Chong Hock attended the Symphonic Harmony – Young Maestros

June 20th, 2024
Yixiao Li, News from Berlin
20240620 Symphonic Harmony.jpg

Ambassador Lee attended the Symphonic Harmony – Young Maestros in Berlin over the weekend, celebrating a wonderful collaboration between the Kids’ Philharmonic Orchestra (Kids' Philharmonic) from Singapore and the George-Friedrich Händel-Gymnasium Orchestra!

This event beautifully showcased the strong people-to-people cooperation between Singapore and Germany. The joint performance was a shining example of cultural exchange and mutual learning. The two young emcees were exceptionally impressive and eloquent, adding a delightful touch to the evening.  The concert was very well attended by both Germans and Singaporeans, and it was wonderful to see many familiar Singaporean faces in the audience. Everyone was incredibly proud of the outstanding performance, which was highly professional and deeply moving.

The Ambassador said:” We were also delighted to welcome some members of the Kids’ Philharmonic to the Embassy last week!”


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