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Summer in Berlin With Czech Culture

The Czech Centre in Berlin promotes the Czech Republic through cultural events

July 08th, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin
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The Czech Centre organizes an exhibition and film-screening to commemorate the anniversary of 1918 and 1968.

The Czech Republic celebrates this year two decisive occasions for the development of the former Czechoslovakia. Not only is it the 100th anniversary of the establishment of former Czechoslovakia, but it is also 50 years since The Prague Spring. The Czech Centre offers cultural events to remember the two anniversaries.

Jiří Fanta and David Böhm present themselves in the German capital for a second time after their exhibition Echolog in 2012. Questioning homeland and the discussion about refugees in the Czech Republic, the exhibition freely follows the topic of the establishment of Czechoslovakia. The artists focus on the rise of nationalism in the context of foreigners. The exhibition Ausländer offers a new perspective on the topic of a foreigner, which is enriched by the artists’ personal experience of being foreigners in a new environment.

The Czech Centre simultaneously is organizing a series of film-screenings to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Prague Spring in collaboration with the German Historical Museum. The chosen films illustrate the Czechoslovak cinematographic New Wave between 1966 and 1969. In addition, the series are enriched by documents and films created as an analysis of the society under the communist regime after its collapse. The choice presents well-known films such as Kuschelnester, which are frequently watched to illustrate the era to the new generation, as well as new perspectives offered by a documentary Occupation 1968 released in 2018.

To complete the authentic atmosphere of the Czech Republic, there is a Czech-Style restaurant Prager Hopfenstube, which supports the cultural connection between the Czech Republic and Germany though gastronomy. Guests are served traditional Czech cuisine such as sirloin and Czech beer.

The year 2018 commemorates important adversaries for the Czech Republic which are connected with German history being its neighboring country. Questioning the answer to the migration crisis, the exhibition contrasts the German and Czech approach. The films illustrate the communist regime as well as its legacy in current society which is a common topic with former East Germany. The cultural activities organized by the Czech Centre engage the German public in discovering historic similarities and its diverse impact on the current political leadership of the neighboring countries.


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