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Strengthening of Transatlantic Relations: 120th Anniversary of the German School in México

October 27th, 2014
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News from Berlin - German school in Mexico is 120 years old. The Alexander von Humboldt School and the German Embassy in Mexico have organized several events to commemorate this important anniversary.

It seems that it was yesterday, but it has been 120 years. The October 14, 1894 a group of German immigrants founded this school which some years later became the most important link between Germany and México.

The importance of Alexander von Humboldt School has been increasing over the years. Not only because of the increasing number of students (currently there are 3000 students ), but also because when the school was founded there were 20 German schools in the country, and nowadays only exist Alexander von Humboldt School and the German School in Puebla.

In the opening ceremony of the celebrations for the 120th anniversary of the school, the German Ambassador to Mexico Viktor Elbing stressed the importance of abroad international schools as bridges between cultures.

Currently, of the 3,000 students who study at the Alexander von Humboldt School only 10% are German. This fact shows that the union between the two cultures is more alive than ever: Mexicans really want to know more and being educated as Germans.

For further information: http://treff3.net/de/chronik/community/item/2676-120-a%C3%B1os-del-colegio-alem%C3%A1n-alexander-von-humboldt-en-m%C3%A9xico.html

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