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Spanish “Tapas Day” in Germany

The Spanish Embassy in Berlin Works to Promote Unforgettable Gastronomic Experience

June 13th, 2017
Raquel Alberto de la Fuente, News from Berlin

Ever since Spain declared “Tapa’s Day” on the 3rd Thursday of June, many countries have joined Spain in celebrating one of its most distinctive dishes. Only last year, more than 430 restaurants in 29 countries took part in the celebration.

Next Thursday, June 15th, Germany will participate in the 3rd edition of “Tapa’s Day”. The gastronomical experience will take place in different cities around the state of Baden-Württemberg as well as one of Germany’s most vibrant cities: Munich.

A striking number of 21 Spanish restaurants around Baden-Württemberg have already committed to participating in the annual celebration. Moreover, detailed information can be found online regarding the specific restaurants and their location.

Meanwhile, Munich will offer varied gastronomical promotions and special offers in over 15 locations around the city. Menu’s will be overflowed with innovative tapa’s creations elaborated specially for the occasion, wine tasting offers and surprise menu’s. Munich airport will also be greeting newcomers, and bidding farewell to those leaving, with these Spanish delicacies.

It is important to approach cultural exchanges such as “Tapas Day” with an open mind and eagerness to learn, for one can learn more than expected. For example, even though tapa’s small size might be discouraging at first, there is a hidden meaning behind it.

On the one hand, it shows a chef’s ability to concentrate so many unequalled flavors in such a reduced-size dish. On the other hand, their reduced serving sizes encourage sharing with friends, family and loved ones, and therefore provide for a more diverse gastronomic experience.

The same philosophy applies to sharing Spanish cuisine with different countries; an attempt to allow others to participate in such an enriching culinary experience. It is vital for nations to share their culture, whether that is through food, dance, music, art, or any other discipline. Only through these interactions can we truly start to understand a culture and its people.


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