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Sony Center for Saudi Arabia

September 26th, 2014
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News from Berlin - This week marks Saudi Arabia’s Week of Culture – six days of opportunities for people to discover arts, music, lectures, films and traditional handicraft from Saudi Arabia, while at the same time acting as a chance for cultures to come together in harmony and respect. The event was launched by Dr. Abdulaziz Khojah, Saudi Minister for Culture and Information, together with German State Secretary of the Foreign Ministry Stephan Steinlein, the Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit, and the Saudi Delegate of the Foreign Minister S.H. Prince Khaled bin Saud.

Of special interest are the many lectures open to the general public in Berlin. The topics of these lectures range from literary critique on Saudi authors to archaeological and historical insights on Djidda. Besides this, there are many readings about interpreting German-Arabic relations, discussions between German and Saudi students on future common perspectives are only a few of the many gems offered to visitors.

Some details about Saudi Arabia that may surprise the general public include the incredible knowledge and expertise Saudi-Arabians possess in the field of medicine, such as for example in the separation of Siamese twins, or specific engineering knowledge about water desalination and renewable energies. Other facts worth mentioning at the social level concern the legal system in the country, which is not based on Sharia law (except for the interdiction of alcohol consumption) and therefore allow women to engage in social life without many of the restrictions that are prevalent in many other Arab countries. Some fields of study even boast a predominantly female body of students.

This Saudi Culture Week, importantly, takes place in a context of heightened tension between East and West; its contribution is therefore especially important for the promotion of knowledge and understanding of this country and, most of all, the transcendence of barriers between the people of our world.

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