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Silence Meal: The Dinner-Performance of a Finnish Artist

The Berlin based Nina Backman offers a special experience without a spoken word

September 16th, 2016
Lilla Magyar, News from Berlin
Silence Meal.jpg

The table is laid, the dinner’s ready: people are waiting for the artist to sit and the performance to officially open.

After the Finnish artist, Nina Backman had a seat, the people gathered solely to have a really special dinner organised in a specific framework start to eat. Instead of speaking and having conversations, the emphasis is rather on the senses and the experience of spirituality, emotions and culture at the same time. Thus, the guests with this unique opportunity can observe what emerges when interactions are made without a word. Each of these occasions are documented through sound, film and photography as well.

Nina Backman, founder of the so-called Silent Project was born in Helsinki. Later on, she moved to the United Kingdom, where she attended the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts, studying and graduating in Theatre Design. Her work is a combination of photography, film and theatre, which makes an appearance often in a sculpture, a photo, or even real performance like this dinner - Nina’s artworks are somewhere between visual art, installation and of course, performance. When she went to Berlin, Nina was a member of several group shows like “Trotz Allem-Zusammen” at the Finnish Embassy or “Unfiltered Stories” Janinebean Gallery in Berlin in 2006-2007.

What is impressive about the artists’ work is that she doesn’t have only one style or one scale of styles, and the Silence Project is only one of the many.

Those who are interested in the event, the next occasions are planned to be at the Finnish Embassy in Berlin on the 23rd and 24th September. Starting at 7 p.m., a 4 course Wild Food Menu is provided by Chef Sami Tallberg.


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