Sightseeing in Berlin

Everybody feels a very special romantic atmosphere invade their otherwise hectic daily lives. The most stunning locations in Berlin to view the evening show are here

October 07th, 2022
Constantinos Georgiou, News from Berlin
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Tempelhofer Feld

On the vast field of Berlin's former Tempelhof Airport, the sunset in all its glory. It doesn't get more romantic than this.


You must climb the smaller brother of the higher Teufelsberg before you can relax and watch the sunset on the Drachenberg. But it's worth the effort. An expansive view of Berlin is available to the observer.

Flak Tower at Humboldthain

In the middle of Berlin's Wedding district is the Humboldthain park. A Second World War residue is the flak tower here.

Oberbaum Bridge

The Oberbaumbrücke is a stunning structure in and of itself, with its playful architecture and red bricks. When the sun sets directly over the Spree River, the bustling surrounding area suddenly appears distant.

Banks of the Landwehr Canal

Although the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg does not have the same breath-taking views as other locations in Berlin, it does have a very unique atmosphere. At the banks of the canal, Berliners and tourists alike gather to take in the atmosphere of the evening and the glitter of the setting sun reflected in the water.


In Berlin-Marzahn, the Wolkenhain can be seen perched atop the Kienberg's summit.The cloud-shaped, filigree structure of the viewing platform itself is captivating, but the view that visitors get after a short climb or ride in the lift is even more stunning.

Tegel Harbour Bridge

The Tegel Harbour Bridge can be reached by taking a stroll in the Tegel neighbourhood along the Greenwich Promenade. At sunset, the view of Lake Tegel and its islands from the bridge becomes even more stunning.


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