Second “Italian Research Day in Germany”

This event will be hosted by the Italian Embassy in Berlin

April 17th, 2019
Federica Caliò, News from Berlin
20190417_Second Italian Research Day.jpg

Photo by Hebbel am Ufel

The “Italian Research Day” was established last year, on April 15th, anniversary of the birth of Leonardo da Vinci, which is considered the symbol of Italian inventiveness. The second edition will take place in the Italian Embassy on May, 9th.

This initiative was launched last year by the Ministry of Education, University and Research in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health with the goal to promote the image of Italy as a country that produces high-quality science and innovation.

As in the past year, there will be two important representative of an Italian Institution, Professor Iain Mattaj, founding Director of the Human Technopole in Milan, and the Italian scientist Dr. Paolo Ferri, from the European Space Agency Centre in Darmstadt.
The Human Technopole (HT) has the goal of developing stratified approaches to improve patient care and quality of life; while the European Agency Centre is an intergovernmental organization of 22 European States, founded in 1975, that, through the years, has driven the development of the European aerospace industry.

The event will take place on 9th, May at 6:30 pm, in the Italian Embassy in Berlin (Hiroshimastraße 1), registration is required, and it is possible only online at the following link:


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