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The Ringbahn: Berlin's Widest Spreading Art Gallery

One Hour Ringbahn Tour of the City of Berlin

October 22nd, 2014
The Ringbahn – Berlin’s biggest art gallery.jpg

Take a seat in the Ringbahn and travel around the city of Berlin in about one hour. It is going in a circle in two directions, and you willl get to see amazing art on your way; for all of the trail is painted with the graffities of Berlin.

Berlin’s Ringbahn was inaugurated in 1877. Built ostensible for goods, it was soon afterwards made accessible to a general public - who initially refused it based on the service's high prices and the fact that most citizens more or less lived, worked and socialised in the same neighbourhoods.

The Ringbahn runs around Berlin’s centre on a route of about 37 Kilometres. It stops at 27 stations. Many stations of the Ringbahn have links to S-and U-Bahn lines running to the city centre or surroundings of Berlin. Important junctions of the Ringbahn are the stations Westkreuz, Gesundbrunnen Ostkreuz and Südkreuz. The Ringbahn consists of the S-Bahn lines S41 and S42: S41 moves clockwise, the S42 anticlockwise. The trains run throughout the day, during the rush hour in five-minute intervals, in the evening in ten-minute intervals.

Travelling with the Ringbahn is a good opportunity to see some extraordinary painting that some of them are even legal. You can also get to across nearly every district and see how the city change on the way.

You can also get on the Ringbahn by night and enjoy yourself just cruising with some friends, it is also Berlin’s party train, connecting East and West Berlin.

The Ringbahn is in the "A" zone and the train ticket costs 2.60€.

The Ringbahn – Berlin’s biggest art gallery.jpg

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