Scientific Dialogues in Berlin

Promoting the collaboration among countries in the matters of science and biotics

July 03rd, 2019
Elena Belenova, News from Berlin
20190703_Scientific Dialogues.jpg

The Spanish Embassy in Berlin has hosted a conference focused on the informative promotion of some of the most important forgotten aspects of science in general and bioethics especially. The event took place last 18 of June with the collaboration of the Spanish institutions.

“Scientific dialogues” was organized at the Spanish embassy in Berlin to increase the awareness of the Berlin citizens about the prominent Spanish scientific community. Counting on multiple universities and specialized schools on the development of new technologies and discoveries in the scientific field.

Therefore, the event included the presentation and dialogue of 2 famous and acknowledged scientists Gloria Camps and Carmen Infante-Duarte, to talk about the new scientific-driven focus of the current studies- the bioethics and the difficult but crucial role that women play in Science.


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