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São Paulo: The New Global Fashion Capital

Brazil inspires the world with its vibrant style

October 19th, 2016
Giulia G. Angelini, News from Berlin

Brazil is the new creative and innovative country in Latin America. It is the country of the world championships, as well as the Olympics which were hosted in Rio de Janeiro during the summer of 2016. Whilst Rio has become the scene of sports, São Paulo is turning into the city of fashion and art.

The city of São Paulo is hosting the fifth biggest fashion week in the world after Paris, London, Milan and New York. Brazil is now leading the South American fashion industry, and the 41st Fashion Week in São Paulo is the perfect opportunity to show the world the Brazilian character in fashion, through internationally recognized Brazilian designers such as Francisco Costa, Carlos Miele and Pedro Lourenço.

According to the editorial director of Vogue Brazil, Daniela Falçao, Brazilian trends are more visible in the city of Rio, but the core idea and the creativity behind it have roots in São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil. The reason behind São Paulo’s creativity lies in the fact that many of the designers are based in the city.

The fashion world has the ability to capture the identity of different countries and their cultural backgrounds. Fashion can be seen as a new form of art and culture in which people, especially the young, can discover new identities where they can blend own ideas and traditions with international looks.

Fashion is occupying an important role these days, as new generations are connected through social media. Fashion is a worldwide concept that includes international costumes and cultural traditions, where young people share trends and create an intercultural exchange. São Paulo is the perfect example of a large fashion city, known for both its youth culture and its urban style.


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