Re-promoting Nigerian Culture in Berlin

How Nigeria showcases its tradition through a new Buddy Bear

June 04th, 2019
Aisosa Erhahon, News from Berlin
20190604_Re-promoting Nigerian Culture.jpg

Nigeria promotes peace in our constantly intertwining world through a common mascot

The United Buddy Bears are found around the world although they are originally from Berlin. Interestingly, you get to see a Buddy Bear primarily in front of international institutions, such as embassies. A Buddy Bear promotes unity and peace through the arts and culture. Every country possesses a Buddy Bear and contributes in transferring its culture. The paintings on the Buddy Bear are designed by international artists of the different countries. A Buddy Bear depicts the notion of culture because culture, as the paintings on the Buddy Bear, is dynamic.

The Nigerian Embassy in Berlin shows this dynamic with its new Buddy Bear (see photo). Nigerian artist, Samko Ritizio, promotes with a new version of the Buddy Bear the Nigerian origin and roots of the Nigerian culture and tradition in particular and as well of the African culture in general. The more you look into the bear the more you discover Nigeria. A nation that manages diversity through music and dance.

The new Nigerian Buddy Bear definitely preaches the power of unity through music. With a dynamic move this new bear is ready to share its strength in Berlin.


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