Pure Latin America in the City of Berlin

An evening filled with activities about education, culture and international relationships in regards to the Latin countries.

October 07th, 2022
Amanda Santi Aguilar, News from Berlin
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On Thursday the 6th October, the event “Lateinamerika pur” was hosted in the Humboldt Library in Tegel, Berlin. The moderator of the evening was Alexander Kulpok, a former radio correspondent for SFB and ARD in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Activities during this event include seminars about the inglorious colonial era, and lectures of the overexploitation of the rainforest. Moreover, the event covers lectures of the history of the different countries of Latin America, including the cruel dictatorships and how their power was portrayed in the different countries. All these lectures and seminars are related to Germany, as the topic of “the true discoverer of America”, Alexander von Humboldt, is also discussed.

Some other activities for this event include the reading of some of the most famous Latin American authors, for example Isabel Allende and Garcia Marquez. To enjoy the culture even more, music will be played from the Buena Vista Social Club, a famous group from Cuba. Lastly, the event also covered information about the myths of the Inca, the indigenous population around the Andes region in South America.


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