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Pojangmacha in Berlin – a Real Korean Experience

October 01st, 2014
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News from Berlin - Thursday 2nd October, Platoon Kunsthalle, a Berlin platform that aims at creating a cultural network for creative people, will host the first day of Pojangmacha, a trip into the cooking and eating habits of South Korea. The word “Pojangmacha” is Korean for “street vendor” and the event is going to take place every Friday from 6PM till late, in total Asian urban style. With the participation of traditional Korean restaurants such as the “Angry Chicken” –specialized in… chicken! -, the “Kimchi Princess” – all sorts of Korean delicatessen, and the funny Kimchi Fräulein – half German/half Korean chef-, accompanied by a selection of Korean disco by DJ Hwangbaxa, Korean Street food culture day will give people a taste of what it is like to hang around in Seoul looking for a tasty bite.

Street food can tell a lot about the culture of the country that you are visiting: usually on the stools by the stands local people would sit, eating dishes from their traditional cuisine. For example, by the stands in Florence, Italy you can go back to the roots of Italian cuisine by eating the traditional dish of entrails cooked in broth; in Oslo’s boardwalk you can have a whale-meat sandwich to take away; whilst in the noisy streets of Kolkata all kinds of colorful food is cooked in front of your eyes. Korea makes no exception; finger food and fast food stands have become a feature of modernity in the country. To have an idea on how lively and cheerful Korean streets are, and what sort of delicious dish you can have, here is a short documentary - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_QiNYg7VFI

For more information about the event: http://www.kunsthalle.com/berlin/program/pojangmacha-vol.1

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