“Plocka Upp” + Jogging = Plogging

Nordic Embassies in Berlin challenge us via Instagram

June 24th, 2019
Álvaro Abadía Verdú, News from Berlin
20190624_Plocka Upp.jpg

The Embassies of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland have proposed a challenge via Instagram for environmental conservation purposes

About three years ago, a new amateur sports discipline was born in Sweden. Its name is plogging, and it lies in combining both jogging and waste collection. In fact, its name comes from the combination of the Swedish verb plocka upp, which means ‘to collect’, and from the word jogging. This practice has spread to many European countries, especially to those in the North, and is now beginning to become popular in the rest of the world.

To boost the popularity of this discipline, the Nordic Embassies in Berlin have proposed an Instagram challenge, which consists of going plogging and sharing pictures or videos of the journey. It is necessary to tag at least one of the above embassies and to use the hash tag #Nordic in each post. For each one, the CO2-negative website Ecosia will plant a tree. In addition, there will be a winning post, based on the amount of waste collected, and the user who posted it will be rewarded with a Sirplus savior box. Hurry up, because the deadline for this competition is June 30th.

Plogging is actually quite simple, and it can be done in the countryside or in the city, all we need is a bag to put aside the collected waste. It is a very good initiative to raise concern about the environment and to prevent waste from ending up in our parks, mountains, rivers and oceans.


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