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Piano Nights at Institut Français: Markus Becker Gives a Concert

October 21st, 2014
20141021_ Piano Concert Institut Français.jpg

News from Berlin - The exhibition at the Brohan Museum presents about 80 of the most important designs of the new German design, including furniture and objects of Stiletto, Volker Albus, Heinz Land, Andreas Brandolini and Axel Kufus. The exhibition started last October 17th and it will run until February, the 1st 2015.

In an excellently designed and constructed exhibition, Schrill Bizarr Branchial mixes design objects with film, photography and short texts to present a very open and accessible introduction to a period in German design history. This period was perhaps more fun to be a part of than to look back on. The aim of destroying the established design traditions gave way to a new modern approach to design and opened up new different possibilities for design, making it something that was culturally relevant and not just commercially important. The exhibition makes the designs of several artists, designers and design groups visible again and provided a new design point of view in the 80s.

In the 80’s artists and designers from different German cities created furniture and objects that differed from the classic. The age was called New German design, similar to the German New Wave with a radically new approach. Design outside of the system of industrial production and fed from all possible cultural and subcultural sources. The New German Design is therefore also a time that reflects a Germany that it no longer exists today, and one of the last great cultural achievements of the old Federal Republic.

The exhibition texts are – almost – all bilingual German/English and full details (including information on the accompanying fringe programme) can be found at: www.broehan-museum.de

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